• Phantom Wallet — the best DeFi wallet for Solana

    PhantomWallet is a popular non-custodial wallet and browser extension for Solana that can be used to manage digital assets and access decentralized applications.

    It is faster, better and more powerful than Metamask, with built-in features such as:

    • Token swaps at best-prices
    • Display NFTs and collectibles
    • Ledger and Web3 Support
    • SOL staking

    It is built by a team of designers, engineers, and former founders who have built products with delightful user and developer experiences such as 0x API and Matcha.

    Phantom’s mission to deliver a thoughtfully crafted and user-first product experience that is prepared to onboard the next wave of crypto users.

    Installing Phantom Wallet

    Phantom supports Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Edge browsers.

    You may download from the Chrome app store.

    Click Add to Chrome then Add Extension.

    Creating a new Solana Wallet

    Once installed, you’ll be asked if you want to create a new wallet or recover using a secret recovery phrase.

    Since it’s our first time, we are going to click Create New Wallet.

    In the next screen, you’ll be presented with 12 words called the Secret Recovery Phrase — this is your private key to the wallet you’re going to create — record this 12 words safely and do not lose them! Do not ever share them as well.

    Click OK, I saved it somewhere once you’ve saved them somewhere safe.The next step is to create a password — this helps to encrypt your wallet in your browser and it can be anything you want. You’ll need this every time you want to access your wallet after you reset the browser session.

    Create a password, confirm password, agree to the terms of service, then click Save.

    Click Continue, then click Finish.You should now see the Phantom wallet on the top of your browser under extensions.

    Funding Solana Wallet

    You’ve created a new Solana wallet with Phantom, now it’s time to fund it with some currency.

    The first way to get some SOL tokens, the native currency for the Solana blockchain. Since Solana is tightly integrated with FTX, we are going to buy SOL tokens from FTX, then withdraw them into the newly created wallet.

    You could also use any other exchange that you already have that supports SOL withdrawals, such as Binance and Crypto.com.

    Alternatively, you could have a friend send you some SOL tokens or use a bridge to bridge SOL from another blockchain.Once you have SOL in your FTX wallet, head over to withdraw, enter the amount of SOL to withdraw, enter your SOL wallet address from the wallet you’ve created above, authenticate via SMS, then click Withdraw.

    After several minutes, you should have SOL in your Phantom wallet.

    As mentioned above, you do not have to use FTX to buy SOL. You can also use other exchanges that you already have accounts with that supports SOL withdrawals, including Binance and Crypto.com.

    However, SOL withdrawals are free from FTX.

    Swap tokens with Phantom Wallet

    Swapping tokens is super seamless with Phantom wallet.

    Phantom uses Raydium exchange as a source of liquidity for token swaps, but it is expanding to support more exchanges through liquidity aggregation, where users can alway obtain the best prices and lowest slippages.

    Managing token lists with Phantom Wallet

    Phantom Wallet has a really clean interface, and sometimes you might not see a certain token reflected in the interface by default — don’t worry, it’s managed under the token list.

    To make a certain token show up in the frontpage, click on Manage token list, then either search for the specific token or scroll down and find it.

    Use the toggles to enable or disable tokens showing up on the frontpage then click Close to effect the changes.

    Adding new wallets and Connecting Ledger to Phantom Wallet

    You may add multiple wallets under your ownership on Phantom Wallet.

    Add a new wallet to Phantom Wallet

    Open the sidebar and click Add / Connect Wallet.Then either create a new wallet, import an existing one using a private key, or connect your Ledger hardware wallet.

    Import an existing Solana wallet

    If you have an existing Solana private key, you may import that wallet by pasting in the private key.